March 1, 2018
Purim has been so great this year. Watching all of our friends dressed up and watching the shpiel - the story of brave Queen Esther and how she defeated the evil Haman who hated the Jews. We ate three cornered cookies called Hamantashen and sang songs as we learned. Passover, our next big holiday is around the corner, and we will start learning about Moses, Egypt and matza - a flat cracker-like food we eat every Passover.  Ms Maureen will be organizing our Passover story walk again this year and we will be able to "build" in Egypt, walk through the plague of darkness, pull friends in Moses' basket down the "river", and have a freedom party to celebrate the escape from  Pharaoh, all while learning through play and fun. We always need volunteers to help with this amazing couple of days (March 22 &23), so please let us know if you are interested. All the best,
ECE Administrative Team