October 1, 2017
Dear Families, Morning valet drop off continues to go really well  and we have decided to continue it on our busiest days of the week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We found that there were enough parking spots on Tuesday and Thursday so it is not necessary to continue our valet service on those days and you can park and drop off your children as usual.   Please feel free to call if you have any questions. Did you know that the JCC offers a number of enrichment class including dancing, swimming, martial arts, sports, and soccer?  To make our busy lives a little easier, the ECE has a transporter who dresses the children in their tutu or swimsuits, takes them to class, and picks them up from class when it ends.  This is an added benefit we offer to our families to help eliminate the need to rush here, prepare your child for class, and get them to class on time.  It takes a village.  If you are interested please contact the ECE front desk If you have a moment, please visit our Sukkah in the courtyard outside of the ECE and take a moment to relax and enjoy. Upcoming Dates to Remember 10/19/17 Great Shake Out-  statewide earthquake practice 11/3/17 Fall Shabbat Dinner (revised date) Shalom Alayna