MORAH JACKSONJudaic Specialist


November 13, 2017
Chanukah means "dedication". On Chanukah we rededicate ourselves to the values of our proud heritage for which our ancestors have fought and risked their lives time and time again. The lights of Chanukah are a symbol of our freedom. In time of darkness, our ancestors had the courage to struggle for freedom. Theirs was a victory of the weak over the strong, the few over the many. It was a victory for all ages and all peoples. This Chanukah as you celebrate with your family and friends over good food and beautiful lights from your chanukiyah, remember all the wonderful blessings that surround you and fill your home. Chag Sameach! PJ Library Music Online Announcing PJ Library Radio, the official home of Jewish kids music. Rock out with your whole family on the web and through Android and iTunes apps. This is a wonderful new website to listen to great kid friendly Jewish music and learn more about the PJ Library books. To receive free Jewish books from PJ Library, please see the PJ Library trifold in the ECE lobby. Here is the link to add: