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Ms. Maureen’s Musings

January 13, 2017
This week, everyone was so happy to be back to Movement after having had a few weeks off (while I recuperated from my very sprained ankle!). We all had fun with the Tu B'Shevat theme (the "Birthday of the Trees"). The children "planted seeds" (by dropping 3 beanbags onto a mat), crawled "through the ground like roots" (through tunnels), and "climbed a tree to pick some fruit" (walked up steps and reached up high for the “fruit” bean bag). Then, they rolled down the ramp "like fruit out of the tree". Before they did their somersault down the hill, I had the children tuck the bean bag under their chin, to keep their heads tucked as they proceeded to roll, head first. With these activities, your child is working on their math skills (counting to three) and problem solving (making sure the "seeds" go in the "holes"). They're also working on their gross motor skills and following directions as they crawl through the tunnels and change directions from one tunnel to the next. (I tell them that roots never go in a straight line. They twist and turn to find the water to feed the tree.) And as they somersault down the ramp, they have to follow my very specific directions:
  1. Climb up the tree.
  2. Put your feet on the two ‘X’s’.
  3. Reach up and stretch to get the “fruit” with both hands.
  4. Tuck the bean bag under your chin.
  5. Put the top of your head on the square spot.
  6. And roll down, keeping the beanbag "fruit" under your chin.
  7. Lastly, put the “fruit” in the bucket.
Have you all seen the beautiful “tree” in our Indoor Play Area (where the Movement Class is held)? It’s been put together by all the different classes, who participated by adding their own element to the “scene”. Make sure to talk with your child about what part they made with their class. “Keep it FIT and Keep it FUN (AND Keep it ECOLOGICAL!)” Ms. Maureen