Ms. MaureenMovement Educator

Ms. Maureen’s Musings

March 3, 2017
This week, I held our Movement classes on our "Ball Court" (outside of Rooms 11 & 12). It's a huge, open area, which allows us to move much more than we normally can in our Indoor Play Area. We learned all about our hearts...the most important muscle in our body! I showed the children a sample of the typical "red heart" that we usually see on greeting cards. Then I showed them a model of an actual heart. You should have seen the look of awe on their faces! It was priceless. I had them make a fist and hold it in the center of their chest, where their heart lives. I also explained that our heart is a “pump”, and to demonstrate, I used a bicycle pump to blow air onto the top of their heads. I told them that the heart is the only muscle that never sleeps. To get their hearts really pumping, the children ran around in a big circle. I told them that when we are resting, our hearts beat slowly; but when we exercise, our hearts beat much faster. I also explained that the faster their heart slows down after exercising, the better “in shape” they are. So, after running in the big circle, I had each child listen to their own heartbeat with a stethoscope. I asked them “What do cars need to make them go?” “Gas!!” they all shouted. (One child said “Wheels!” I had to agree with him there.) I told them Yes, cars need gas, or “fuel” to go. I explained that our bodies also need “fuel”. But not gasoline! Our bodies gets fuel from food, exercise, air, and sleep. Then, I had the children "drive their cars” fast (running) through a “race course” of little traffic cones. This got their hearts really pumping. I was so pleased that all the children really understood the importance of exercise in keeping their hearts healthy. So, parents, why not find some fun exercise that you can do as a family? Walk the dog? Swimming? Skiing? Skating? Dancing? You get the idea.... Remember... Keep it FIT! Keep it FUN! Ms Maureen