Ms. MaureenMovement Educator

Ms. Maureen’s Musings

June 1, 2017
Since Summer is just around the corner, I asked my friends what is fun to do at the beach. The answers were building sand castles, digging for crabs, looking for jellyfish, burying your body in sand, and playing in the water. Then I explained that one thing a lot of people like to do at the beach is surf. I told the children there are two different ways to surf: body surfing with a boogie board and stand-up surfing with a big board. I told them that in order to be able to stand up on a surfboard, a person has to be able to balance really well, and in order to do that, there are a few steps to take. First, you stand with your feet about shoulder distance apart. Second, you bend your knees a little bit, keeping the rest of your body straight up and down. Third, you look straight ahead of you, and not down at your feet. And fourth, you use “airplane arms,” keeping them extended out like the wings of a plane. After the children accomplished all that, I had them balancing on my balance boards that are 1 ½”, 2” and 3” off the ground. I also had each of them try to balance on mats supported only in the middle by a cushion or balance beam. Once all the balancing was done, I said that a really fun thing to do at the beach is to play Beach Volleyball..So, I had them stand on either side of the cushion and balance beam, and try to hit different beach balls back and forth. Such fun!! Remember… “Keep it FIT, and Keep it FUN!”