Ms. MaureenMovement Educator

Ms. Maureen’s Musings

August 15, 2017
Well, the end of summer is here, and so ends our “Summer Camp” for 2017. We had some great times this summer, with all of the fun activities and in-school visitors who came to teach and show us new and exciting things. Of all the things we did, I have to say one of my favorites was our version of the “Maccabiah Games” (an international Jewish and Israeli multi-sport event now held quadrennially in Israel) at the beginning of this summer. Ms. Lerman and I put together some fun experiences for the children related to games and obstacle courses. We had the children bowling, jumping over ropes, crab crawling, marching, jumping, hopping, dancing, walking on “stilts,” and best of all, climbing all over the slide structure on our playground. We tied up swim noodles through which the children had to pass in order to slide down the slides. We tied rope around the legs of the structure so the children had to figure out how to get through. We had hoops tied up next to the tire swing through which the children had to crawl. And, we had some sensory table frames under which the children could crawl. The whole experience shows us that we (and you at home) can have so much fun just finding things all around our own environment with which the children can play. A laundry basket can be a “train.” Tupperware and pots and pans can be instruments. Blankets and boxes can be forts (with flashlights), feel free to use your imagination.   Keep it FIT, and Keep it FUN!